Yarmouth Vintage Car Boot Sale


The rule is very simple:

You sell pre-1990's items from your pre-1990's vehicle!

This is a Car Boot Sale at the end of the day...

We all aim to clear out your storage space as much as possible...

So that we can keep buying even more junk/treasures in the future!

The items should be priced accordingly to this concept above, "bargain" element is essential.

You can sell anything old which might be long forgotten, deep down in your shed.

Vintage clothes, skateboards, collectables, gardening tools, furniture, bicycles, toys, pictures, books or even your own vintage vehicle!

However, please note that this event is not an Auto-jumble.

The fee...

The fee is £10 per pitch.

On top of the regulars' pitch area, there will be around 12 pitches available for non-regulars.

So advance booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Each pitch will be appx 3 metres x 6meters.

The money will be used for promoting and organising the event, as well as raising some donation to Yarmouth Primary School who kindly offered us this wonderful opportunity.

Setting up...

You will have to provide your own vehicle, tables, chairs, clothes rail, or awnings, etc, depending on the items you are selling.

The gate is open to sellers at 8AM, then it will be temporalily closed at 9:30AM to allow sellers to arrange their vehicles and items.

The opening to the public is 10AM

The event is open until 6PM so you will be expected to stay at the pitch until all customers have left, unless prior arrangement is made.


Success of this event solely relies on the people's common sense in terms of health and safety.

Your attention and action towards any potential risk is highly appreciated 

The organisers will take no responsibility for any injuries, damage or loss to your property in any circumstances.